Fashion Editor – Styling & Communication

Start and Duration

October - 3 years






This course has been developed in response to the industry needs and in conjunction and consultation with our renowned industry partners, including important Fashion Stylist and Maisons.

The objective of this undergraduate program is to facilitate the student’s career path and to find employment in a variety of directions within the fashion industry and entertainment industry whether it be written, visual or organizational or a combination of all three at the end of this course. The work of a Fashion Editor requires experience in styling. Likewise the fashion stylist, as well as expressing a visual fashion narrative, working as a Fashion Editor requires the ability to write pitched at the appropriate brand, market or publication.

The aim is to educate and create a well-rounded professional figure able to understand deeply the work of each Professional Stylist, Fashion Stylist and Maisons, setting the objective to develop organizational skills, with knowledge of editorial and styling processes, brands and the overall fashion system.

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To whom

All those who have successfully completed a Secondary High School Diploma or equivalent, achieved both nationally and internationally.


The course duration is three academic years and attendance is mandatory from Monday to Friday; however to be accepted at the final assessments students must have at least 80% proven attendance.
The educational path is organized and split into a variety of main subject areas and assessment will be held in three main sessions (Summer, Autumn, Winter).

The course ends with the discussion of a final dissertation at the end of the third and last Academic year.

Admission Procedure

Due to demand and a closed number of places available (to maintain the quality of tuition) to gain access to the course it is required the successful completion of our admission assessment. Please refer to our Admission page for all of the details.

Admission Tests for 2018-2019 Academic Year are:

  • Tuesday March 19th 2019
  • Tuesday April 16th 2019
  • Wednesday May 22nd 2019
  • Wednesday July 03rd 2019
  • Tuesday July 16th 2019
  • Monday September 09th 2019*
  • Tuesday September 24th 2019*
*Please note that in September the course may have reached already the maximum number of enrollments. In this case the admission will be considered for the Academic Year 2020/21.

Dates may vary due to organizational and didactic needs.

Open Days
  • Saturday March, 16th 2019
  • Saturday April, 13th 2019
  • Saturday May, 18th 2019
  • Wednesday June, 12th 2019
  • Wednesday July, 10th 2019
  • Saturday September, 14th 2019

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