Three Years Course

Fashion Design Management

Start and Duration

October - 3 years






The Three Years Course in Fashion Design Management comes from the long experience of the Costume & Fashion Academy in the sector and from an analysis of the professionalism that makes it up.

Fashion Design Management has a double meaning: Design in that the sense of a creative company revolves around the processes of design, the methodologies and the realization of the products to be communicated and distributed in the markets. Management because one of the learning objectives of this course focuses on the evolution of the new  innovative managerial figures, able to understand and implement the appropriate processes and complexity of companies that deal with the product, its communication, the conceptual and economic and sustainable strategies that guide the DNA of a brand.

Therefore, the students live an intense experience in which all these realities meet, underpinned by a strong historical and cultural imprinting without which innovative thinking cannot be generated. The history of fashion, art, culture and costume, theories related to the phenomenology of the visual arts, the development path of the project and product, the technology of materials and circular economy, marketing and management, communication, organizational and legal tools. All these make up the skillset, expertly intertwined, that form new a professional figure ready to interact in with the global market, with new regulations and stimuli. A dense programme of study, since that only by creatively developing cultural experience can the future be built.


Education must listen to the needs of the present but also, above all, those of the future, so that students who graduate are ready to land in a professional world that is in continuous evolution and change. The theme of responsible innovation, which incorporate the processes capable of generating sustainable and socially ethical companies and products, are integrated into the learning process. An approach that consolidates the different professional perspectives from understanding the skills of the designer to those of the communicator and those of the manager. Students live a holistic learning environment an experience that will allow them to acquire the skills necessary to meet the needs of the present and future market in the sector.

Students who successfully complete the study path will be able to enter the Marketing, Merchandising, Strategic Communication, Sales, Showroom Offices, and will be able to operate as Product Manager, Supply Chain Manager, brand manager, starting a professional career in all the collaborating areas with design studios and develop Brand strategies. They will also be able to work in concert with designers and creatives in the construction of new brands within the fashion subject area.

To whom

All those who have successfully completed a Secondary High School Diploma or equivalent, achieved both nationally and internationally.


The course duration is three years and attendance is mandatory; however to be accepted at the final assessments students must have at least 80% proven attendance.
The educational path is organized and split into a variety of main subject areas and assessment will be held in three main sessions (Summer, Autumn, Winter).

The course ends with the discussion of a final dissertation at the end of the third and last Academic year.

Admission Procedure

Due to demand and a closed number of places available (to maintain the quality of tuition) to gain access to the course it is required the successful completion of our admission assessment. Please refer to our Admission page for all of the details.

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