Bachelor of Arts

Cinema & Filmmaking: Media Design & Multimedia Arts

Start and Duration

October - 3 years






The 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Cinema & Filmmaking: Media Design & Multimedia Arts was born from a partnership between the Accademia Costume & Moda and the research and training company Ars Academy Research. The project intends to fill the need for effective training and quality in film-making, TV production, multimedia communication, animation and visual arts.


The 3 years prepare students technically and culturally, connecting them immediately with an international business network. This will allow them to become a filmmaker, video game director, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, cameraman, editor, multimedia author, web-series author, multimedia communicator or visual artist.

The Course alternates between study and laboratory work, allowing students to collaborate with a unique team of teachers and professionals. After completing their studies students will be able to both enter the world of audio-visual productions, or produce their own products, overseeing all stages of production, operating a personal stylistic and practical research in the world of media and visual arts.

The three-year course is unique and articulates, through the laboratory work, between three different areas:

1) Film and Audio-Visual Design, for people wishing to train as a writers, directors, screenwriters, film-makers

2) Animation and Game Design, for those interested in the world of video games and 2D & 3D animation

3) Visual Arts, for those who want to explore the artistic experimentation overall

To whom

To be eligible for the Cinema & Filmmaking: Media Design & Multimedia Art Course you must hold a Secondary School Diploma or another equivalent title obtained abroad (minimum 12 years of schooling).


The course duration is three academic years and attendance is mandatory from Monday to Friday; however to be accepted at the final assessments students must have at least 80% proven attendance.

The educational path is organized and split into a variety of main subject areas and assessment will be held in three main sessions (Summer, Autumn, Winter). The course ends with the discussion of a final dissertation at the end of the third and last Academic year.

Admission Procedure

Access to the course requires passing an admission tests, in particular:

Multiple choice test

Motivational interview

Open Days

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