Master of Arts – 120 ECTS

Accessories & Jewellery Design




2 years


Italian / English




The Master of Arts in Accessories and Jewellery Design trains project managers and designers with a strong fashion sensitivity and a powerful cultural background able to interpret the complexities in the product development typical of a large area rich of contact points and differences. The course is intended to respond to the emergent necessities of the creative Industry in the education of professional and research profiles able to translate the new needs in the Accessories field that is one of the main asset of the Italian creative industry.

The first year investigates all the technical, cultural, historical and methodological aspects related to this wide area with a multiform vision approach to the field.

History of Fashion, Marketing, Materials, Sustainability and Supply Chain are all analyzed and developed in the design workshops that will lead the student to express the result of the complex investigation of a product until its creation through the use of different techniques, from the traditional methods to the use of the most recent technologies. During the first year, students will complete the development of their competences and manipulation of materials, process both of design and of making of shoes, leather goods and project representation.

The second year intends to improve and broaden the competences of the students with the Jewellery field analysed in its various declinations: from high jewellery tol bijoux, to body pieces (or body decorations). History of Design, typology of materials, pattern making are

explored in this vision always guided by an intense laboratorial activity in collaboration with academics and professionals able to convey different approaches and visions. Students will learn to recognize the different metals, precious stones together with unusual materials . The research process is consolidated and expressed in personal and advanced designs.

Students will have also the possibility to integrate their study path with additional activities such as the participation to conferences, international contests, Industry Projects as to broaden the arguments of major interest arisen during their study path and to put into place their personal research in the field of their interest.


The Master of Arts in Accessories and Jewellery Design provides a wide range of competences aimed at training professionals and academics able to face and manage the innovation of the field with success.

The course combines cultural and technical elements with an individual approach by supporting the students in the definition of their own cultural and design identity. The educational project emulate the creative and technical process of Accessories Design based on the knowledge of the culture, the materials, the design, the supply chain, the analysis of the cultural contemporary phenomena in a overall project until its communication.

The programme focus on the development of a personal and advanced research methodology able to provide an adequate support to the design of a wide range of products and of a vision that is able to develop in a creative process an awareness of the practical implications of their own choices including marketing principles and complexities connected to specific requests of the commission.

At the completion of the Master of Arts in Accessories and Jewellery Design, students will be able to begin a career as shoe designers, leather goods, jewellry, eyewear, watch, by starting their own business or working in companies and creative offices in Italy or abroad. Moreover, they will also work in the market as product managers and art directors.

To Whom

The Master of Arts is intended for those who have obtained a Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Arts or other study title issued in Italy or abroad recognized according to what established by the current law and in any case pertinent to the course of study.

Duration and Attendance

The Master of Arts will start every year in November for a total duration of 3000 hours divided into lectures and laboratories, individual study, complementary activities and of work/industry projects. The course requires a compulsory attendance for at least the 4/5 of the didactic activities needed. Classes will take place from Monday to Friday 9.00 am -1.00 pm 2 pm-6 pm (8 hours).

Entry Requirements

Applicants will need to submit the following material:

  • resume
  • artistic/professional portfolio
  • motivational statement,
  • transcript of the previous study title
  • diploma or certificate of the Bachelor Degree/Bachelor of Arts if already obtained at the moment of the application or autocertification of the study title obtained together with a valid identity card.,

The admission process will be based on the evaluation of the above material and of an interview with the Academic Commission either in person, via Skype or by phone according to the deadlines and times fixed every year by the Academy.

Open Days
  • Saturday February, 15th 2020
  • Saturday March, 07th 2020 Cancelled
  • Saturday April, 04th 2020
  • Saturday May, 16th 2020
  • Tuesday July, 14th 2020
  • Saturday September, 12th 2020

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