A special project that involves two of the most significant realities of the international fashion system: Woolrich and The Woolmark Company, which together with the Accademia Costume & Moda have developed an Industry Projects for our students.

Ten students from our Accademia had the task to develop an outfit each by with the values ​​of the Woolrich brand onto iconic Merino wool garments. The young designers have interpreted the DNA of Woolrich, the oldest American brand of outdoor clothing, exploiting all the natural performance of Merino wool including elasticity, breathability and water resistance.

Among the most relevant innovations and new technologies of the project there is the fusion of Merino wool with other unusual materials such as silicone foil, which allows the printing of a QR code, inserted in turn in the iconic “Buffalo check” by Woolrich. The three-dimensionality of the “Navajo” motifs was then tested, obtained thanks to an inflating pigment, which was applied manually to the surface of the cloth. Furthermore, another element of innovation can be found in the hydrocromatic dyeing, which has the ability to become invisible in contact with water, thus showing the color of the fabric on which it was applied. Once dry, the tincture turns white again.

A jury from Fashion System will have the task of nominating the two most interesting projects in terms of experimentation and innovation. The Woolmark Company and Woolrich will respectively offer one of the two winners an educational internship.

The ten finalists – Agnese Balsamini, Francesco Castaldo, Federica Dominici, Chiara Donati, Sofia Marra, Olimpia Pediconi, Luca Rao, Alessia Romanazzi, Sara Scascitelli and Alessia Scasseddu – have had the opportunity to exhibit their look inside the Woolrich Store of Via del Babuino 54/55 in Rome on 17 April 2019